Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, is all about finding and targeting top performance website visitors.

Analyzing Web Traffic


Campaign Setup


Goals & Target Audience


Optimize for Performance


Performance Marketing

Through performance marketing, we are targeting potential customer at a late stage of their buying cycle. Here we are actively targeting people who are searching for information and prices for products or services they intend to purchase. Performance marketing is mainly used for Lead Generation, E-Commerce shops and to find Local Businesses.

Search based Ads are the most effective way to find potential customers who are looking for products or services because they show exactly what people are searching for.

Useful methods to target potential customers in the Search Network

  • Text-based Ads based on Keywords
  • Google Shopping with image Ads
  • Dynamic Search Ads based on website categories

Google Campaign Types

AdWords Campaign types determine where customers see your ads.

Google AdWords is a powerful Advisement tool that can do a lot more than just straightforward Text Ads!

Social Media Campaigns

The use of Social Media Marketing (SMM) as Marketing Channel, can be very effective for companies to reach new potential customers.

But also, a great possibility to engage directly with existing customers.

Targeting users on all devices

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